Who we are,

A couple watch enthusiasts from Sweden gathered together to invent something that was meant to last. Ever since we met, we always had the dream to develop a project together and also give the world back to make the world a better place. By creating BENJI AND MASE in 2018, we started to realize this dream with one mission in mind - To be your wrist´s obvious choise and make a difference! 


Together we started a Swedish-based company with focus on your wrist with flexibility to affordable price. Our product range is designed to be adapted to different situations and occasions without sacrificing design and shape for that matter


Timepieces made for everyone!

Stylish, comfortable and affordable, it can't go wrong!  . Each watch is designed with you in mind and your satisfaction is BENJI AND MASE´S success


When you step into our universe you not only get the best that the market has to offer, you also get a timepiece that make´s a difference


”Timepiece that make ́s a difference”

Timeless designed collections of watches together deeply connected with our social obligation and the need to contribute. We are willing to give 5% of our total yearly income to people in need. So while we build our brand, we also make the world better by contributing every year to organizations and associations that need help to help



 Together we are strong! We hope that our love of quality timepieces can meet and inspire your very own story. Join our family and share your moments!